VERTEX ENTERPRISES is a company that provides long-term vision and strategic orientation to our subsidiaries, as well as actively oversees their day-to-day operations. We also continue to build on our strengths by investing in other companies that share our values and potential.


VERTEX ENTERPRISES is a dynamic network of businesses that provides dependable, competitive, and high-quality services to businesses in a variety of industries. We are dedicated to establishing an entity that is focused on providing superior value to all stakeholders by continuously improving everything we do.


We are dedicated to establishing an entity that is focused on providing superior value to all stakeholders by continuously improving everything we do. We believe that by embracing this philosophy, we will create an environment in which the team can thrive, grow, and realize their full potential as individuals and team members contributing to the organization’s success.

Our Subsidiaries


Exerting the domain experience of over a decade, VERTECHS DIGITAL is your place to create unique digital products. A team of tech-heads and another of creative insights together with the keen understanding of current trends, plan, design and execute picture perfect websites and apps. Let’s design the future together!


Are you and your devices smart enough? Then let us make it smarter! With our team of hi-tech engineers we are here to invent the state-of-the-art. Home automation, smart wifi, gps tracking and everything else to make your days better are the innovations that we provide.


Wondering why your articles aren’t getting enough attention as you planned? It may be because it lacks pre-printing perfection. With enough innovative digital resources and more than enough observation, we can make your prints better than before and even envied as others cannot be so good. May your prints be colored or not, we are here to give you the colors of success!


Most of us find it hard to accelerate our inventive ideas to reality due to the lack of financial support. Now don’t think twice! If your idea is practically innovative enough, we will provide you with the financial support that it deserves. VERTECHS Startups intend to be the right hand in the proud development of our nation. Now let’s get it done!


We are nothing more than some petrolheads who love what we do! Who will know it better than a petrolhead, how important it is to tighten the screws & finish off the paints once in a while. We are a garage full of people who have learned, experienced and fully into cars! More to the above we even transform your car from antique to unique!


Cheering for a match from your couch? Ouch! Why don’t you come out and play instead! Gather your gang and set up your jerseys, the court for your game is here in Matchbox. Light up your energy level and book any court inside Qatar to level up your enthusiasm. Let us together build a better sports community that brings our land glory!


Tangled up in your trade tasks? Let us help you. We are the complete business solution space which could guide you through every step of your business endeavors. Registration, attestation, translation and whatever that keeps you away from making your dream come true in Qatar will now just be a piece of cake! Being the experts and knowing Qatar better, we guarantee you satisfaction and contentment.


Stand-out from the conservative thoughts, ideas & designs! Let us help you make your digital products look unique, rare and special. With hi-tech resources and imaginative minds Wolkez presents you the best ever websites, apps and anything digital!
Wolkez specialize in branding, digital marketing, search engine optimization, web design and web support. Brand growth, cost effectiveness and value for time come together.


Become the crowd-puller with Croudspace! Creating innovative designs, attractive contents, and the best SEO for websites and apps has been our field of expertise for years. Easy to use websites and hinch-free apps is what we guarantee you. Croudspace is your space to create and succeed!
Croudspace is an exclusive agency that provides the best ever websites, apps and anything digital for your business.


Square is not a box to be confined but a space to be pushed over and over again until it’s large enough! Commercial complexes for a country is the economical and social stability factor that it deserves. Ashfin Square intends to create spaces, squares and complexes that would be rented out to be filled with trades which would develop the country and ease our lives.

Our Subsidiaries